Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Self Image

Let's be honest, there isn't a single person in the world who hasn't had a moment or two of self doubt. It's pretty damn hard to just ignore society's of beautiful. It can make you feel so inferior to the rest of the world.
I was recently chosen to be a part of a photoshoot for local stores and boutiques by the same lovely lady who took my header and profile pictures. And while I am so excited to play dress up and model for a day, I can't help but worry that the other girls will be skinnier, or prettier, or just plain better than me.
I spent a decent half hour FREAKING OUT about it and trying to plan my meals and exercises etc, until I pulled myself together and went onto pinterest to find some body positivity nuggets.
And I came across this gem:

Hell yeah I am, Sam Weir! 

I know that growing to love my body won't be an instant thing. It might be a never ending process.. But keeping little quotes like this in mind helps to ease my anxiety around my body image. 

(current background photo on my phone)

xoxo, Rowyn 

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