Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Paris Diaries: Oh, Pinterest...

Hello Again!
I am back after going to several meetings, signing lots of documents, and pinning more travel tips and outfit posts than I should.

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I am not one to do anything last minute. I like my outings to be planned, and my outfits to be coordinated. So considering the fact that this trip is going to be one of the biggest things to ever happen to me EVER, I have already started planning.

One of the things that I am equally excited and terrified for is the fashion. Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world and I do not want to disappoint the parisian women with sweat pants and flip flops. That being said, I too have days where I want nothing more than to put on my yoga pants and my college sweatshirt and run errands, but I am going to try to avoid that faux pas in Paris as much as I possibly can!

To combat my anxiety surrounding my attire while studying abroad, I have turned to the ever overwhelming, but also fantastic, PINTEREST!

I have been pinning everything from plane ride tips, to classic outfit ideas, to street style, and so much more.

I am not the most organized pinner, and pins that should belong on one board are often pinned to another, but I think this is an amazing way to store all my ideas in one place.

My Boards that I am currently pinning on like a mad-woman are:

Style - if I see a shirt that I love, or a really amazing outfit it will most likely be pinned here.

I love the strappy sandals and flowy dress.

Street Style Inspiration - dedicated to my favorite street style shots. this is where I get the bulk of my inspiration from on a daily basis.

her camel coat with those lightwash jeans and black boots is everything I've ever wanted.

Paris - everything Paris related.

Hopefully I will be able to visit the Louvre several times

Travel - half travel tips, half travel outfits, half things I want to purchase before I leave, you get the idea...

I think I have about 800000 of these lists pinned by now...

Essential Wardrobe - this board serves as a reminder to me that I will not be able to bring my entire closet with me, so I must learn love the philosophy of capsule wardrobes, and basic v neck tee shirts.

"I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color."

I hope you enjoyed my Pinterest boards! I know I have five months left still, but I get more and more excited every day. 

Check out Lanea's blog while you're at it!
(paris roomie)


Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Paris Diaries: Quick Update!

As of about 20 minutes ago, my application for the Study Abroad Program in Paris is officially completed!

xoxo, Rowyn

The Paris Diaries: My Top 5 Things That I Wish To Do.

When one is going to Paris, it is impossible to NOT daydream about everything that you want to do. Now I understand that I will not have an unlimited amount of time to spend exploring Paris, but I can have a list of top five things that I want to do while I'm there right?

Here it is:

1. Devour the macarons at the Parisian bakery, Ladurée. Who cares if the line is out the door! I WILL get my macarons. ;)

2. See some production at the Opera Garnier. I don't think the theater girl inside of me will be very happy if I skip this one... And just look at those stairs!! My cardio would be done by the time I reached the top! 


3. See Monet's paintings at the Musée de l'Orangerie. He was my favorite painter as a child and still is today. To be able to see his water lily paintings would be incredible! 

4. Another museum that I am most definitely going to visit (there is no way that I will leave Paris until I have gone at least 2 or 3 times) is the Musée du Louvre. More importantly, to see the Mona Lisa. I know it is virtually impossible to see her without 80 other tourists surrounding you, but can you imagine being in the same room with the Mona Lisa all alone?? I think I would most likely start to cry. Now I will admit that I have recently finished The Da Vinci Code, and much of my determination to see this legendary painting spurs from me wanting to pretend to be Sophie Neveu while she solves her grandfathers riddles about the The Prieuré de Sion. Seriously you guys it is an incredible book. 

5. Visit La Tour Eiffel. DUH.

So there you have it! This list could go on for ages, but these are the top five places that I wish to visit as of right NOW! 


The Paris Diaries: Studying Abroad is a lot Harder Than it Looks...

So as stated in a previous post (that approximately three people have read lol), I am planning on Studying Abroad in Paris next fall semester. And although my original excitement is still intact, there is also a new and less fun feeling of dread and frustration regarding all the very tedious steps that I must accomplish in order to actually make it into paris.

Now, I understand the importance of all of these steps of course, I mean I don't want to get to Paris and realize that I have a vital piece of paperwork missing. But that doesn't mean that I want to fill out 500 HOURS of paperwork (does anyone??). I have a meeting scheduled for next week that will hopefully help to ease my worries, but until then, I am making lists, lists, and more lists, about what needs to get done within the next month or so.

So far I have applied for my passport (my last one was from when I was 14 months old?!) and I am slowly starting to print out all of the necessary paperwork and waivers that need to be signed, dated, and turned into various people across the campus.

I wanted to update all of my loyal readers (aka mom) on my process because I thought it might be fun to try and blog semi-regularly about my process of getting to Paris, and eventually, my time in Paris! My blogging has been incredibly sporadic, so I hope that I can make it more habitual and update all three of my readers much more often about what is happening in my life!

ALSO, check out the lovely lady who will be my roommate in Paris: Lanea!