Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Paris Diaries: Studying Abroad is a lot Harder Than it Looks...

So as stated in a previous post (that approximately three people have read lol), I am planning on Studying Abroad in Paris next fall semester. And although my original excitement is still intact, there is also a new and less fun feeling of dread and frustration regarding all the very tedious steps that I must accomplish in order to actually make it into paris.

Now, I understand the importance of all of these steps of course, I mean I don't want to get to Paris and realize that I have a vital piece of paperwork missing. But that doesn't mean that I want to fill out 500 HOURS of paperwork (does anyone??). I have a meeting scheduled for next week that will hopefully help to ease my worries, but until then, I am making lists, lists, and more lists, about what needs to get done within the next month or so.

So far I have applied for my passport (my last one was from when I was 14 months old?!) and I am slowly starting to print out all of the necessary paperwork and waivers that need to be signed, dated, and turned into various people across the campus.

I wanted to update all of my loyal readers (aka mom) on my process because I thought it might be fun to try and blog semi-regularly about my process of getting to Paris, and eventually, my time in Paris! My blogging has been incredibly sporadic, so I hope that I can make it more habitual and update all three of my readers much more often about what is happening in my life!

ALSO, check out the lovely lady who will be my roommate in Paris: Lanea!


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